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Speak with confidence and action -- an exclusive interview with chenyongxiong, chairman of Chengda (Shanghai) chemical company, "this financial crisis has brought an opportunity to reshuffle the import substitution trend to the entire textile industry, which is a good opportunity for some enterprises with high-tech level, independent research and development and brand cultivation." Mr. Chen yongxiong, chairman of Chengda (Shanghai) chemical company, was outspoken in an interview. The textile and clothing industry, which is highly dependent on overseas exports, is considered by the industry to be an industry greatly affected by the crisis. As a supporting product of the textile printing and dyeing and clothing industry, it can be seen that it is also the most affected. 1. Users are directly used to do simple stretching experiments and tightening experiments when purchasing

Chengda (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise of Taiwan businessmen, which mainly develops four series of products: silicone products, surfactants, functional/nano materials and daily chemical products. Since its inception, the company has been developing at a high speed, going through the process of R & D, products, services and integration, from technical value to sales value, then to the management value of plastic modified asphalt waterproof coiled material GB 18243 ⑵ 000, and then to the brand awareness of improving customer value. This followed the development of 7178-t6 alloy field with higher strength. The "cold winter" of the textile industry did not make Chengda (Shanghai) chemical fear and hesitate. At present, Chengda (Shanghai) chemical is taking customer demand as the guide, core value as the main force, and innovation as the goal to move forward to a new journey

Mr. Chen yongxiong believes that the success of enterprises lies in the success of talents, which is one of the reasons why he chose to start a business in Shanghai at the beginning. Chen yongxiong visited the mainland in 1989 and was also the first batch of Taiwan businessmen to invest in Shanghai. Although Shanghai started late in the early stage of reform and opening up at that time, Shanghai has dense institutions of higher learning and more talents than other cities in China. Choosing Shanghai, an open city with the intersection and integration of eastern and Western economies and cultures, also strengthened the initial growth of Chengdu University

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