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The current situation and characteristics of in mold labeling

in mold labeling technology has been applied abroad for quite a long time, and its in mold label production and in mold labeling machine production and application have been very mature. In mold label is a new form of label packaging that is different from traditional label packaging. Its emergence has brought great innovation to label packaging. In mold labeling has been popular in some European and American countries for many years because of its durability and anti-counterfeiting. At present, more than half of the products in the world's developed countries have used in mold labeling technology. After a wait-and-see in the domestic market for the past two years, this technology has gradually begun to take shape. In addition, it also includes the application of fillers or reinforcing materials, plasticizers, curing agents and other additives, which has attracted the attention of more and more insiders and end users. However, due to the particularity of its technology and the uneven development of all links of the supply chain, it is still not widely used in the domestic market, mainly in the daily chemical industry, There are also a few applications in the high-end markets of the lubricating oil industry and the food industry

the main advantages of foreign successful in mold labeling process are:

1. Anti counterfeiting

because of the high technology and scientific content of in mold labeling, the material selection, printing and production of labels, the structural design of labeling equipment and molds, and the plastic molding process should be consistent and closely cooperate with each other, which is prohibitive for counterfeiters

2. Good appearance effect

products with in mold labeling are more beautiful and bright than those with silk screen printing and self-adhesive stickers, especially 1/3 brighter than those with self-adhesive stickers. At the same time, the color of the label surface is richer, more bright and smooth

3. High cost performance

the fatigue life testing machine of elastic components produced by Shandong Sida high tech is mainly used for the fatigue life testing of various bellows, fiberglass tubes, elastic components, etc. there will be no ink dropping in the labeling, and the label will not be warped, fallen off, damaged. The label itself can be waterproof, oil proof, mildew proof, moisture-proof, friction resistant, acid and alkali resistant. Therefore, the defective rate caused by labels is greatly reduced. The price difference between in mold label and self-adhesive label is not much, and the price of silk printing with color comparison above is lower. In addition, the use of in mold labeling saves the production process of re labeling, which greatly improves efficiency and saves production costs

in mold labeling is divided into two processes: in mold labeling of blow molding and in mold labeling of injection molding. At present, the label in the blow molding mold is widely used in the domestic market, that is, the finished label is sent to the bottle blowing mold cavity through special mechanical equipment, and the label is synchronously completed with the blowing of plastic hollow containers through the action of high temperature and high pressure by using the extruded plastic temperature and the blown air pressure. In recent years, this technology has been developed in the impact experiment of plates and their products in the domestic market. From label materials, printing and production, labeling manipulator, mold improvement, blow molding equipment and so on, it has gradually given play to its integration advantages. The label supplier has also developed from a single foreign import to local manufacturing. The development of labeling in injection mold is relatively slow. The main reason is that the supply chain is incomplete, and the supporting equipment needs to be imported from abroad, such as labeling manipulator, which increases the existence of these problems in production. As a result, China's plastic machinery industry cannot meet the level cost and process difficulty of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible

at present, the main factor restricting the development of in mold labeling is that all links in the existing supply chain are limited by process, capacity, quality and other aspects. There are few manufacturers of in mold labels in the market, the printing technology of labels is immature, and the rate of defective products is high, resulting in high label prices, which increases the cost of container production, and the appearance effect is not completely ideal. In addition, after the packaging containers with in mold labeling are produced, it is impossible to change the label, which has an impact on the production flexibility, which requires manufacturers to have accurate sales forecasts for products, which limits the rapid development of in mold labeling

at this stage, the application of in mold labeling technology in China is not very extensive, but with the continuous development and maturity of this technology and the gradual improvement of the whole supply chain, as well as the higher expectations of packaging users and end consumers for product packaging, looking forward to the future, in mold labeling technology will be vigorously promoted and applied in China

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