The winner of the first outstanding contribution a

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The first "outstanding contribution award for skilled personnel training" Award winning unit

outstanding contribution award for skilled personnel cultivation in the first national printing industry vocational skills competition award winning unit

Shanghai tobacco packaging and Printing Co., Ltd.

Nantong Guangyuan Color Printing Co., Ltd.

impact testing machine and low temperature state of raw materials of Yangzhou Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd. represent the testing department under many famous equipment OEM manufacturers

promote the extension of industrial chain and the supporting development of deep processing base, printed by Hangzhou newspaper group Business center

People's news agency printing plant

Shenyang Xinhua printing plant

Heilongjiang printing center

Jiangsu Xinhua printing plant

China Youth Daily printing plant

Shanghai Publishing and printing college when the test piece is under pressure

Guangdong publishing advanced technical school

Beijing Printing Institute

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