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The current situation and Countermeasures of power safety production

consolidating power safety production and accelerating power construction are the needs of our county to put forward the overall development plan of rejuvenating the county with industry, and are important measures to use regional advantages to implement the scientific concept of development. At present, the power development momentum of our county is strong, but the safety production situation is very serious. Practical and effective measures must be taken to curb the frequent occurrence of hidden dangers and ensure the healthy, safe, orderly and rapid development of power production

I. current situation of power production in our county

in 2007, the power supply was 49.12 million kwh, and there was one personal accident in power production, two people were injured, no one died, and three rural power accidents occurred, two people died; In 2008, the power supply was 66.28 million kwh, one personal accident occurred in power production, one person was injured, and no one died. One rural power accident occurred, and one person died. With the development of society and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, power production is also developing rapidly, but the situation of power safety production is still not optimistic. At present, the main problems existing in power safety production are shown in the following aspects:

1. The safety education of employees is not in place. Some employees have not received safety education and training, and lack of three-level safety education. Employees lack basic operating skills and safety awareness. At the same time, it lacks the ability of self safety protection and emergency rescue

2. The management of on-site operation is chaotic, and the supervision needs to be strengthened. It is common for some operators not to wear labor protection articles as required to work; Lack of effective safety protection measures for cleaning the installation surface without foreign matters during high-altitude operation; The setting of electrical appliances is not standardized: wires are pulled and connected disorderly, copper wires replace fuses, lines are aging and damaged, there are no leakage protection devices, and some even have no control switches; There are no full-time safety production management personnel on site, and the hidden dangers of accidents cannot be found and eliminated in time

3. Safety is not implemented, and the safety management system is not strictly implemented in the production line. The safety production system and safety production rules and regulations cannot be effectively implemented at the grass-roots level, and there is a lack of effective supervision and assessment of the implementation of rules and regulations

4. The power engineering construction management of the contract is not standardized, the construction safety technology level of the contracted construction unit is generally relatively low, the team management is chaotic, the safety first, prevention first power safety production policy is not seriously implemented in the operation, and there are many habitual violations

5. The phenomenon of three lines (power line, power line and TV line) crossing and hanging is relatively serious, which greatly threatens the safety of power production

6. Illegal building under the line seriously threatens the safe operation of supply and distribution lines

II. Analysis of the causes of the problems

1. Insufficient understanding, weak consciousness and lack of knowledge. Employees lack effective understanding of safety production, safety and efficiency, and also help them increase the density of electronic product packaging. Their understanding of safety and development is vague. Some work leaders or department leaders often take one-sided pursuit of workload as the main goal, rush for time, speed up, and ignore safety management. The idea of emphasizing production over safety is deeply rooted. Due to inadequate understanding, the safety education of employees at the grass-roots level is ignored, the awareness of safe production is weak, and the laws, regulations and necessary knowledge of safe production are seriously lacking. It forms a situation of being lucky on weekdays, sad in an accident, and painful in compensation and punishment

2. The configuration of safety tools and devices necessary for production is not perfect, and the safety investment is seriously insufficient. Due to poor efficiency, the safety tools and devices that should be configured cannot be fully equipped, which has buried hidden dangers for the occurrence of accidents

3. Lack of unified industrial standards and operating procedures for work safety. Due to the lack of industry standards and necessary measures, illegal operations and illegal commands occur from time to time, which is also an important reason for frequent accidents

4. The supervision of work safety is weak. Due to the lack of safety supervision personnel and insufficient means of transportation, the company cannot effectively carry out supervision and management, resulting in the failure to effectively solve the problem

5. The publicity of laws and regulations on the protection of power facilities in rural areas has not been popularized. In addition, some people construct houses under the road recklessly, resulting in serious hidden dangers of the line

III. countermeasures and suggestions

in view of the current situation and development of our company's safety production, we should start from the requirements of high standards and high starting points, address both the symptoms and root causes, strengthen management, and gradually put it in place, and strive to standardize and standardize the company's safety production work within two years

1. Strictly implement safety production. We must conscientiously implement laws and regulations such as the work safety law, sign work safety certificates at all levels as required, implement safety, and build a good situation of joint management of work safety

2. Strengthen education and training to improve the overall quality of enterprises. Company leaders or safety supervisors should consciously participate in the training courses on safety production knowledge and laws and regulations held by safety supervision institutions, and obtain job qualification certificates according to law. Three level safety education and safety warning education should be carried out regularly for employees, especially new entrants, special operators and personnel of labor subcontracting enterprises, so that the education and training work can be targeted and regular, so as to prevent going through the motions, make operators consciously abide by the safety technical operation procedures, and put an end to illegal operations and risky behaviors. Through education and training, comprehensively improve the safety awareness, legal awareness, safety knowledge and self-protection ability of production and operation personnel

3. Establish and improve various rules and regulations and strictly manage the site. We should formulate and improve various rules and regulations according to our own production conditions, the surrounding safety environment, the number of employees, and the classification of types of work. Regulations and operating procedures that directly affect the safety production of the company, such as the system of holding certificates for special types of work, the system of working at heights, the system of setting warning signs in dangerous places, must be formulated scientifically and in accordance with the law, and must be enforced. Strengthening on-site management is an important link for enterprises to do a good job in safety production, supervise production and operation personnel to abide by rules and regulations and operating procedures, and ensure the safety of the whole production process without accidents. We should strengthen on-site safety inspection and assessment to the letter × 2,

4. Play the role of safety supervision department. Sufficient safety supervisors must be equipped according to the requirements of the regulations. The safety supervisors must consciously perform their safety responsibilities, organize and do a good job in the safety production of the whole company, carefully inspect and supervise, and strictly enforce the rules. In particular, the obsolete equipment, aging facilities, and potential safety hazards must timely put forward rectification measures to the company's leaders. The company's leaders must respect their suggestions and increase the investment in safety production, Timely eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents and truly play the role of the enterprise safety police

5. Classify guidance and strengthen supervision. The company should strengthen the communication with the government safety production supervision and management department, strive for the government safety production supervision and management department to serve the enterprise and help the company improve the safety production management level. Absorb the advanced experience of safety management of foreign brother companies, and implement classified guidance and supervision in combination with the current situation of our company. The whole company and all units and departments are divided into three categories according to the implementation of the safety production system, various rules and regulations, and the principle of combining qualitative and quantitative analysis. Consolidate and improve the first-class units with relatively good work safety management, supervise and rectify the second-class units with generally good work safety management, and focus on the third-class units with relatively poor work safety management. Establish a series of management systems such as troubleshooting, filing, tracking and supervision, rectification and elimination of accident hidden dangers, so as to improve the pertinence and effectiveness of supervision and management. At the same time, we should speed up the formulation and promulgation of the company's Interim Provisions on work safety

6. Change from centralized inspection and rectification to standardized, regular, institutionalized and accident prevention management, and establish a long-term mechanism for safety production. At present, a long-term and effective normative safety inspection and rectification mode has not been formed. The supervision and management department is too busy to deal with and deal with all kinds of accidents, and cannot devote more energy to supervision and management and accident prevention, so that potential safety hazards can not be effectively curbed. Therefore, a standardized and reasonable regular safety inspection system should be established to make safety inspection and rectification work a routine business work. Only by establishing a long-term safety production mechanism can we fundamentally reverse the unstable situation of the company's safety production

7. Change from diversified management to unit management. Now there is also a strange phenomenon that the safety production of 183 scissor type aerial work platform seems to be everyone's responsibility, but it really seems that everyone is not responsible. In the final analysis, it is still unclear, which is caused by the current diversified management system. Safety should be mainly in the charge of safety supervision institutions and safety supervisors, and the inspection team led by leaders and technicians should perform the safety inspection function. Because only they can understand safety, and only in this way can they really play the role of safety inspection. At the same time, the safety inspectors should bear the responsibility and implement the system of who checks, who signs and who is responsible. Only in this way can we further clarify the role of regulators at all levels and truly implement the hierarchical territorial and three-level management

power safety production management is a complex system engineering. A long-term mechanism with government guidance, enterprise responsibility, department supervision, employee participation and social supervision must be established to continuously improve the safety production management level of our company and maintain the rapid and healthy development of the company

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