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Current situation and Countermeasures of packaging and transportation of liquid epoxy resin

as early as 1936, castan produced amber epichlorohydrin bisphenol a resin and reacted with phthalic anhydride to produce industrial thermosetting products for casting and molding products. At the beginning of 1939, Greenlee also independently produced high molecular weight bisphenol a liquid epichlorohydrin resin and used it for advanced thermosetting coatings. The first epoxy resin with real industrial value was completed by Devoe Raynolds of the United States in 1947. Since then, such products have developed to more than 300 varieties. Because one of the biggest shortcomings of liquid epoxy resin is its high viscosity, poor fluidity, poor moisture and heat resistance and poor weather resistance, it will pose new challenges to its packaging and transportation

1 current situation and Countermeasures of liquid epoxy resin packaging

at present, metal materials are the first choice of liquid epoxy resin packaging materials, and plastic or glass packaging is occasionally seen. According to the author's investigation, the main problems in the process of resin packaging are: poor packaging quality, although China's packaging classification, technical requirements, transportation and storage of packages and experimental methods The inspection rules have all made provisions, but some resin manufacturing enterprises often cut corners on the resin packaging in order to save the packaging cost or transportation cost, and shoddy the packaging quality, which greatly discounts the packaging quality, such as reducing the wall thickness of the barrel or using the old barrel paint and other means; The packaging and sealing are not tight, and the epoxy resin shipping unit did not seal according to the requirements of liquid tight sealing, and there are leaks in varying degrees during handling or transportation; The epoxy resin packaging marks or labels are incomplete, and the resin shippers generally lack the understanding of the importance of packaging marks, so there are certain difficulties in safety protection; Lack of scientific measurement means, the filling error of epoxy resin is too large; The packaging design is unreasonable. The packaging of some epoxy resins looks solid and intact in strength and appearance, which can only adapt to road transportation, but it is far from meeting the requirements of railway transportation; The inspection of epoxy resin packaging is not in place. At present, there are few inspection points of epoxy resin packaging, and there is a lack of strict sampling inspection. The packaging sent by the resin shipper to reduce the cost is of good quality, while the packaging quality is seriously reduced during actual transportation, and even the packaging quality of the same batch of epoxy resin is different, and the quality supervision is not standardized

1.1 improve the packaging quality, standardize the supervision and management research

the packaging of liquid epoxy resin must start from its initial packaging, and select and determine the barrier property, strength, required buffer fillers, binding materials, etc. of the packaging materials. Because good products need good packaging to protect the integrity during transportation, and it is more important to create new and doubled added value. At present, the value of commodity economic losses caused by poor packaging in China is still 14 billion yuan per year. Among them, the loss caused by improper transportation and packaging is about 80%. In the process of selecting liquid epoxy resin packaging materials, full consideration should be given to all circulation links and environment in which the resin reaches the hands of consumers, as well as various factors that may be encountered in the transportation process, such as adverse weather, loading and unloading conditions, impact and vibration of means of transportation. The packaging containers must be strictly subject to hydraulic test, stacking test, air tightness test and drop test before and after sealing and binding. To ensure the strength of the packaging container, the loading coefficient must be strictly controlled. For some small resin packaging, the outsourcing should be fully considered to withstand the changes of temperature and humidity within a certain range during the secondary packaging. The weight, specification and form of the packaging should adapt to the loading, unloading and handling conditions, and should have humanized packaging marks. In order to prevent package damage caused by collision, friction, vibration and package drop between internal and external packages, between packages and packages, between packages and vehicles, and between packages and loading and unloading machinery during transportation, correct gaskets and spacers shall be provided, and liquid tight sealing of liquid epoxy resin packaging containers shall be strictly enforced, so as to achieve reliable sealing and be able to withstand internal and external pressure under normal transportation conditions, Ensure that no leakage and impurities enter due to changes in humidity, temperature or pressure during transportation. The material and processing cost of the sealing cover should be compatible with the value and circulation cycle of the resin to ensure easy opening, resealing, theft prevention, etc. At the same time, the state should make special provisions on the use of packaging materials through laws and regulations, use economic levers such as taxes and fees to adjust and encourage the use of recycled resources, strengthen the examination of the production conditions and product quality inspection reports of packaging enterprises, and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the quality and technical supervision bureaus of all provinces should supervise and manage enterprises engaged in the production of packaging and container products to ensure the technical quality, Truly reflect product information, improve quality and grade, and maximize the overall value of products

1.2 advocate appropriate packaging and active packaging, and take the road of sustainable development

at present, compared with other countries in the world, China's epoxy resin packaging still has a big gap. We should work hard on developing appropriate packaging and active packaging, and pay attention to the scientific and technological connotation of resin packaging. To strengthen the research on resin packaging materials and packaging machinery, we should proceed from reality and carry out environmental certification on resin packaging according to ISO14000 requirements. Consumer groups put forward that "excessive packaging and false packaging are also a kind of fraud and a kind of packaging pollution". The packaging of epoxy resin should be economical and simple, with emphasis on the environmental protection of packaging. It is necessary to ensure quality, container safety, convenience of retail starting units, appropriate identification and appropriate waste disposal. The state should formulate many laws, regulations, restrictions or orders that have an impact on the packaging of resin products on the premise of considering safety, transportation and economic effects, so as to make the packaging of epoxy resin take the road of sustainable development

1.3 the positive role of green packaging in epoxy resin packaging

"green packaging" is a new concept put forward in recent years when the world's environmental pollution is becoming increasingly serious, that is, low consumption, recyclable, reusable, recycled and degradable green packaging is the mainstream of international packaging at present. In a positive sense, epoxy resin packaging should follow the standard of "green packaging", take improving the ecological environment as the starting point, and effectively save resources and energy consumption. In the design of resin packaging, paying attention to the dissemination of environmental protection information of epoxy resin production enterprises to the public can establish a healthy brand image, highlight the sense of society of epoxy resin enterprises, and win the trust of consumers. For epoxy resin manufacturers, choosing environmental protection means choosing the future. In the context of China's entry into WTO, if China's epoxy resin products want to go abroad smoothly without being discriminated against by green trade barriers, green packaging will become an important pass to enter the international market. Developing green packaging of epoxy resin products and taking the road of social circular development require the active participation of epoxy resin production enterprises under the protection of legal system. The state should actively guide enterprises to develop, produce and use green packaging materials, and give certain preferential 32 policies and certain punishment measures for violations. The government should strengthen incentives for green packaging enterprises and give preferential policies in project approval, market access, taxation, credit and other aspects

1.4 anti counterfeiting packaging is the inevitable trend of epoxy resin packaging in the future.

in recent years, although China's anti-counterfeiting technology has been greatly developed and improved, it still lags far behind the current market needs. At present, the counterfeit products of packaging and printing in the world are growing at a rate of 20% every year, while the anti-counterfeiting products are only growing at about 8% every year, and there are few anti-counterfeiting technologies with high technical content, so the current situation is still very serious. At present, there are many epoxy resin production enterprises, and many epoxy resins are directly listed without reaching the specified performance indicators, which seriously affects the healthy development of the resin industry. It is imperative to strengthen anti-counterfeiting packaging. For example, using the nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology, this micro anti-counterfeiting technology that directly infiltrates into various carriers takes advantage of the randomness, computerization and extension characteristics of the nuclear population in the movement process, which sets insurmountable obstacles for the imitators, and even the producers themselves cannot copy the same nuclear track original. Or using the Chinese commodity anti-counterfeiting system, epoxy resin manufacturers can carry out 17 digit information anti-counterfeiting codes for each batch of products, which is equivalent to giving each batch of epoxy resin a specific "ID card" number. Users can quickly identify the authenticity of epoxy resin and synthesize the performance indicators in this case by entering the code through Internet, SMS or 168

2 transportation status and Countermeasures of liquid epoxy resin

at present, the transportation resources of epoxy resin in China are scattered, the operation efficiency is not high, modern special vehicles are not fully utilized, and most of the management tools of epoxy resin production enterprises for transportation vehicles, goods sources, tickets, planned loading and so on are still in the stage of manual operation, without using advanced information technology, so it is difficult to provide circulation processing Information services, inventory management and other value-added services, China's epoxy resin manufacturing enterprises are in urgent need of advanced transportation information systems; For many years, under the influence of the planned economic system, the management of the transportation industry in China has been divided into several departments, such as railway, highway, aviation, maritime transportation and other transportation resources, which are directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of railways, the Ministry of communications, the General Administration of aviation, the Maritime Transportation Bureau and so on. Due to the serious segmentation, the planning and development of these basic transportation modes can not achieve a scientific and effective unified allocation, lack of interconnection, resulting in an amazing waste of resources, The supply of epoxy resin manufacturing enterprises cannot reach users in time; Transportation companies and epoxy resin users have scattered offices and lack the basic conditions for cooperation, resulting in the container traffic volume in China being significantly lower than the international average level; The transportation company handled the epoxy resin savagely, did not use mechanized loading and unloading, unreasonable logistics procedures, and unilaterally emphasized that the resin transportation and packaging were not standardized

2.1 optimize resin transportation resources and create a collaborative transportation system

epoxy resin manufacturers, customers and logistics companies can allocate transportation business by region. At this time, they are both partners and competitors. Collaborative transportation can not be negotiated and determined at one time, but needs to be continuously improved and adjusted in business practice in order to achieve the best effect. The determination of collaborative transportation system can start from the initial basic business, such as providing some other sources of goods to partners, or providing transportation capacity when the other party's transportation capacity is insufficient. Through cooperation, the operation efficiency of single vehicle can be improved. At the same time, resin manufacturers can also establish higher-level and more complex business cooperation, establish strategic alliances and share the market. Although this puts forward higher requirements for the management level of resin production enterprises, it is conducive to optimizing epoxy resin transportation resources, improving the operation efficiency of the whole system and reducing transportation costs, which is the goal pursued by modern logistics

2.2 establishment of intelligent transportation system between resin manufacturing enterprises and customers

use information technology, data communication transmission technology and electronic control technology to establish data connection between epoxy resin manufacturing enterprises and customers in an all-round, real-time, accurate and efficient manner, realize resource sharing, and then easily reach a purchase and sale agreement across the constraints of time and space. Electronic currency can

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