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The English name of the world trade organization is World Trade Organization, which is an international organization dedicated to supervising World Trade and promoting the liberalization of world trade. Its predecessor is the world general agreement on Tariffs and trade (GATT), founded in 1947. China is one of the founding countries of GATT. In the past 50 years, GATT has achieved great success in relaxing world trade restrictions and promoting trade liberalization. On January 18th, 1984, new China officially became a member of the international textile trade agreement under the general agreement. On July 10th, 1986, China formally filed an application for restoring its status as a contracting party to the general agreement on Tariffs and trade (GATT), which is referred to as the resumption of customs. In March, 1987, the Council of the general agreement decided to establish a working group on China's resumption of customs. In April, 1989, the contracting parties completed the evaluation of China's foreign trade system. From June, 1989 to February, 1992, the western countries led by the United States imposed economic sanctions on China, and the negotiations on the resumption of GATT came to a standstill. From February 1992 to January 1, 1995, the World Trade Organization (WTO) was officially established (GATT ended), and a total of 104 countries became founding members. China also changed from the negotiation of "GATT resumption" to the negotiation of accession to the World Trade Organization (hereinafter referred to as WTO). On November 7, 1999, President Jiang Zemin and President Clinton called again to speed up the completion of the negotiation process, and the "war of the century" of WTO accession negotiations in the United States began on November 10, 1999, On November 15, the "Sino US war" came to an end, and the two sides signed an agreement. The prospect of China's entry into the WTO is becoming clearer. It is expected to enter the WTO by the end of 2000. The members of the WTO enjoy the benefits brought by the multilateral agreements on world trade. Joining the WTO is of great significance for China, a developing country, in terms of drug packaging. First, the export of drugs, especially traditional Chinese medicine, will get long-term development in the world, The economy of the pharmaceutical packaging industry can also grow, but at the same time, it faces many difficulties. Therefore, opportunities and challenges coexist. How to make the pharmaceutical packaging industry develop in competition and meet the challenges after China's entry into WTO is a very important problem facing the pharmaceutical packaging industry. The author believes that the following work should be done based on the current situation of pharmaceutical packaging in China

1. Accelerate the implementation of ISO9000 series standards and product quality certification, and integrate with the international packaging market as soon as possible

iso9000 series standards are international standards issued by the international standards organization. They are a scientific summary of quality management experience in the process of industrialization for a century. They have been widely adopted by countries all over the world. Through the implementation and certification, packaging enterprises can find an effective way to speed up the operation mechanism, transform and strengthen the technical foundation and improve internal management, so that the market awareness and quality awareness of enterprises can be enhanced. Through the implementation of standards and certification, packaging enterprises are guided to establish the business philosophy of "taking meeting customer requirements as the business purpose, taking product service quality as the basis, and taking competition as the means to obtain benefits from the market." Through standard implementation and certification, packaging enterprises effectively control various factors and links that affect product quality and service quality, so as to ensure the quality of product services. Through the implementation of standards and certification, the quality awareness and management awareness of all employees of the enterprise are strengthened, and various management responsibilities and work procedures are clarified, so as to promote the management of the enterprise from "rule by man" to "rule by law". All work has rules to follow, so that leaders can free themselves from busy daily affairs and concentrate on key work. ISO9000 series standards require enterprises to conduct internal audit and management review once a year to find problems in time and improve them, so as to promote enterprises to establish a mechanism of self-improvement and self-development. Through the implementation and certification, the packaging enterprise, on the one hand, proves to the market that it has the ability to meet the requirements of customers and provide qualified product quality and service quality. On the other hand, the product quality and service quality of the enterprise are also determined to be stable and improved, which enhances the competitiveness of the enterprise in the market. Through the implementation and certification, the management quality of the employees of the packaging enterprise can be comprehensively improved, Enterprises' awareness of standardized management has been enhanced, and a self discovery and self-improvement mechanism has been established. In 2013, China's express delivery industry reached 9.2 billion pieces, and the self-improvement mechanism has laid the foundation for packaging enterprises to implement comprehensive scientific management in finance, administration, marketing, production, service, etc

2. The current situation of pharmaceutical packaging enterprises and the Countermeasures after China's entry into WTO

due to the late start of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry, coupled with the use of new materials, the research and application of new processes are far behind the level of developed countries. However, in terms of the current situation of pharmaceutical packaging, it has developed into a pharmaceutical packaging enterprise with more than 2000 enterprises, which can produce six categories and more than 30 varieties of pharmaceutical packaging materials, which basically meet the needs of domestic pharmaceutical or partially meet the needs of export pharmaceutical enterprises, and its annual sales account for about 15% of the sales of the whole medical industry. In recent years, the pharmaceutical packaging industry is mostly small-scale, low-level technology, coupled with low-level repeated construction, the packaging product structure is not reasonable, resulting in disorderly market competition, affecting product quality and most enterprises are unable to carry out the development and research of new products. Facing the fierce competition of pharmaceutical packaging enterprises after China's entry into the WTO, domestic pharmaceutical packaging enterprises will appear polarization, and enterprises with rapid development will unite one after another, Small enterprises will be phased out. In the future, pharmaceutical packaging enterprises should develop and participate in market competition, and enterprise alliance is the only way after China's entry into WTO

2.1 accelerate the development of export drug packaging containers and the application of new materials

from the current progress of pharmaceutical packaging containers in China and the reason why the installation of hydraulic universal testing machine needs manufacturer guidance? According to the exhibition situation, we should speed up the expansion of the application field of plastic containers for pharmaceutical oral liquids to meet the market demand. Their specifications range from 100 ml to 200 ml. the materials are polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and the application of new materials peiv, including the development of high-quality pet bottles that are dark and have measurement scales or with measurement cups to replace low-quality glass bottles. After China's entry into the WTO, according to the current situation of the packaging of plastic containers for Chinese and Western medicine raw agents and capsules, the plastic packaging of Western medicine will be greatly impacted with the sales trend of the drug market, while the packaging of Chinese medicine raw agents, pills and capsules has a large space for export, which is a good opportunity to bring great development. Therefore, we should vigorously develop the packaging containers of Chinese medicine varieties, such as HDPE, HDPE and PP plastic containers, and the mouth of the container is sealed by electromagnetic induction with aluminum foil gasket, so as to increase the sealing degree of the bottle mouth, ensure the safety of drugs, and eliminate the drug packaging form of yellow garden bottle sealing wax process

2.2 accelerate the development of the application of high-quality flexible packaging materials for exported drugs

according to the flexible packaging ass in Washington, "looking forward to the next five years, the pharmaceutical packaging market is the second largest economic growth point of flexible packaging. In addition to its strong development momentum for medical use, there is a good prospect for blister packaging that can be used for dose control and hot forming extrusion to replace the packaging of bulk or bottled drugs". However, the flexible packaging products of drugs in China have a good momentum of development, such as blister packaging of drugs. In addition to developing multi-color aluminum foil printing process, we should also pay attention to the application of composite products of plastic hard pieces with blister packaging, such as pvc/pvdc/pe pvdc/opp/pe and other composite packaging materials with excellent lightproof performance, and promote the application of pharmaceutical packaging of granules, powders, pills and plastic composite film bags of traditional Chinese medicine, The applied varieties mainly include the following:

① biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film packaging: Biaxially oriented BOPP film, which has good transparency, heat resistance and good barrier performance, is used for the outer layer of drug composite bags. It is compounded with LDPE, EVA, EEA, EAA or aluminum foil with good heat sealing performance, which greatly improves the stiffness and physicochemical properties of the composite film. For example, PVDC with excellent moisture resistance is coated on BOPP film, It greatly improves its anti penetration performance

② cast polypropylene film (CPP) packaging: it has good heat sealing property and is mostly used for the contents of composite packaging bags. It can be vacuum aluminized and then compounded with BOPP, pet, opapt, etc

③ polyester film (PETP) packaging: biaxially stretched polyester film has extremely high mechanical strength, so it changes the hardness and rigidity of rubber, has extremely high heat resistance, excellent drug resistance, excellent transparency and gloss, small water vapor and oxygen permeability, and has particularly good flavor retention, which is unmatched by all other films

therefore ④ polyvinylidene chloride film (PVDC) packaging: it is a film with the best barrier performance, unlike PVC or Eval, which is affected by humidity changes. It has good transparency and good heat and cold resistance. PVDC lotion can be used as the moisture-proof coating of polypropylene film. The Pt or OPP coated with PVDC lotion has good moisture-proof and barrier properties, and improves the safety of drug packaging

⑤ aluminum coating packaging: vacuum aluminum coating is a kind of film that accumulates aluminum vapor precipitation on various base films under high vacuum, and the aluminum coating is very thin. At present, vacuum aluminizing films such as PETP, CPP, Pt, PVC, OPP and PE are widely used, and most of them are PETP, OPP and PE vacuum aluminizing films. In addition to the characteristics of the original base film, the vacuum aluminized film also has beautiful decoration and better barrier performance. Especially, after aluminizing various substrates, the light transmittance, oxygen permeability and water vapor permeability are reduced by dozens or hundreds of times. It can be used as a good packaging material for drug packaging, and it is one of the excellent packaging materials that China will focus on this year. (Bai Bing) (excerpted from export commodity packaging, May 2000, issue 149)

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