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The 15th China Industrial Expo 2013: the "peak duel" of the Industrial Robot Kingdom

as the most shocking and influential international industrial robot event in Asia, the industrial robot exhibition of the 15th China Industrial Expo 2013 will be held in hall N1 of Shanghai New International Expo Center on November. The theme of this exhibition is: AI drives future manufacturing. The 2013 industrial robot exhibition was unveiled as an independent professional exhibition for the first time, with a display area of 12500 square meters, 101 exhibitors and an estimated 100000 professional visitors

artificial intelligence drives future manufacturing

China's industrial robot market is experiencing explosive growth. It is expected that by 2015, the demand of China's robot market will reach 35000 units, accounting for 16.9% of the global total, becoming the largest robot market

As a high-tech equipment, robots can not only form a high-tech industry with great potential, but also drive collaborative innovation in multidisciplinary fields, and become an emerging industry that promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and completely changes the production and manufacturing mode. In the future, the average annual growth rate of industrial robots is expected to reach about 25%

therefore, artificial intelligence will certainly help made in China. As a benchmark exhibition of China's manufacturing industry, the China Industrial Expo will closely adhere to industrial policies, closely follow market demand and serve the manufacturing industry. The 2013 industrial robot exhibition will build an industry platform to serve the industrial robot industry, aiming to lead Chinese manufacturing enterprises from labor-intensive to technologically advanced, automated and intelligent

annual battle of the Industrial Robot Kingdom

the annual battle of the industrial robot industry will be staged on November 5, 2013. Last year, the successful holding of the first industrial robot exhibition area won an extraordinary reputation in the industry. The 2013 industrial robot exhibition has attracted the active participation and high attention of well-known robot enterprises at home and abroad. Abb, FANUC, KUKA, Yaskawa electric, and the world's four robot families will all make a luxurious appearance at super large-scale booths

in addition, Na zhibueryue, stobil, Hyundai Heavy Industry, Shenyang Xinsong, Guangzhou CNC, evert, xinshida, gaoweike, Wodi, Denso, Yamaha, Che Lemei, Epson, Mitsubishi Electric, Iwai, stuaa, lebert, Jinchen machinery, universal robot, lafet, easy control, Toyoda, nabtesco, XiongKe, naanfei, Toshiba machinery, Nikon, Shenyang Zhongtuo, Duofu, Hanlu robot Mianyang Ford robot and other 100 enterprises went to Wang's feast

brilliant, high-end products are the first to see

the industrial robot exhibition of 2013 Industrial Expo has received the active participation of enterprises in the industry. Through this exhibition, enterprises will bring fist products to the exhibition, show the most advanced and dazzling robot technology, compete with peers, compete at the peak, and seize the machine is due to the excellent waterproof talent market. ABB Robot will comprehensively display its complete robot product portfolio and in-depth industry applications on a 440 square meter booth on an unprecedented scale. ABB's leading flexible automatic automobile production line includes three leading processes: stamping automation, body in white and coating automation, which fully realizes the automatic and flexible production of automotive products. In addition, ABB Robot 3D curved surface processing workstation, ABB Robot Automatic packaging line and other products and applications in the ABB Robot World will be vividly displayed and interpreted, so as to appreciate how ABB can help China's manufacturing industry improve its international competitiveness with the world's leading industrial robot technology

KUKA robot showed originality in the design of the booth at this Industrial Expo. The 350 square meter, four side open design of the large booth, with orange as the main color, highlights the concept of KUKA robot's constant pursuit of innovation. The robots on display include the small robot Kr agilus series, the mobile robot platform youbot and the large entertainment robot robocoaster for visitors to experience

FANUC robot will make a high-profile appearance at this Industrial Expo and grandly display more than 10 sets of intelligent robot systems, including some new intelligent robots in recent years, which will demonstrate their latest powerful application systems such as arc welding, spot welding, sorting, testing, grinding, handling, and finishing Jinan gold testing machine, which are constantly improved and perfected to make the performance of the produced experimental machine more superior. It can be said to be wonderful and popular

Hyundai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. participated in the Industrial Expo for the first time, which was highly valued by the South Korean headquarters. It will bring four carefully prepared industrial robot products from the South Korean headquarters, the simulated working environment of robot systems such as hp160 palletizing robot, hs165 body welding robot, ha020 machine tool processing and handling robot, and fully demonstrate the cutting-edge technology and excellent solutions of Hyundai Heavy Industry

Nachi of Japan will also exhibit the world's fastest, lightest and compact mz07 robot and the world's fastest spot welding robot Sr on a large scale of 225 square meters. Among them, a100b and other robots that are representative of their company in the industries of handling, assembly, deburring, gluing, stacking and so on. At that time, the exhibition will be presented to users in a concise and understandable way combined with practical examples

xinshida has spent a lot of money to promote the development of robot research and industrialization in recent years. As one of the local brands in Shanghai, it will bring a full range of products such as 275, 50, 16, 6kg to the exhibition, and comprehensively display the applications of elevator, machining, food, printing and packaging, auto parts, electronics, ceramics and many other industries

this industrial robot exhibition is a collection of high-quality products and highlights. Here you can see the top robot products, the most advanced robot technology and the most forward-looking robot development trend

high end forum, the second China robot Summit Forum

in 2012, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the 12th Five year development plan for the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry. As an important part of intelligent manufacturing equipment, industrial robots have ushered in their strategic development opportunities. Robot industrial parks have sprung up all over the country. At the same time, international and domestic robot enterprises have accelerated their launch. While the robot industry is booming, how to standardize and develop harmoniously, how to comply with the development trend of application, research and development, and how to improve the technical content have increasingly become new topics for the development of robots. The second China industrial robot Summit Forum 2013 will focus on the harmonious development of China's industrial robot industry. On November 6, 2013, although the expectations for functions are getting higher and higher, it will meet again at Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai. At that time, when peers gather, you will hear the government's policies, Shanghai's choice, global vision, the forecasts of the financial sector and the aspirations of enterprises

2013 industrial robot exhibition, as the ultimate battle of industrial robot enterprises at the end of the year, will be ready to flourish, inviting people to share the technology collision and infinite charm brought by artificial intelligence

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