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The industrial robot industry in our city is taking shape

"machine replacement" promotes the upgrading of traditional industries

the industrial robot industry in our city is taking shape

in 2015, Nantah robot moved from Shenzhen to Jiangmen, helping the transformation and upgrading of Jiangmen manufacturing industry

in May this year, Jiangmen issued the "Jiangmen work plan for deepening the development of industrial interconnection by" interconnection + Advanced Manufacturing ", hoping to form a good pattern of mutual promotion and synchronous improvement of manufacturing and networks through the further promotion of" interconnection + ", effectively promote the construction of Jiangmen's modern economic system, and create a leading industrial development and application demonstration area in the province and even the country

in the process of deepening "interconnection + Advanced Manufacturing", industrial robots play an important role in boosting the automatic transformation or upgrading of traditional industries such as motorcycles, plumbing and bathroom, motors, stainless steel products, etc. in our city through the "machine replacement" standard artificial defect test block type with short horizontal holes. From AGV trolley, cooperative robot to the emergence of dynamic control bionic robot, the production of the whole machine gradually involves the research and development of core components, 3 Calibrate the instrument according to the instrument use rules. At present, the industrial robot industry in our city is beginning to take shape. Wang Jiansheng, executive president of Jiangmen intelligent equipment and robotics Association, said: "enterprises will effectively improve production efficiency and product quality by introducing industrial robots and transforming automatic production lines. However, Jiangmen industrial robot industry has a weak foundation, mainly focusing on robot integration applications. In addition, Jiangmen enterprises have also encountered two major problems in application, one is the lack of funds, the other is the lack of technical personnel."

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a current situation

mainly focuses on robot integrated applications

"the technical foundation of Jiangmen industrial robot industry is weak, which mainly focuses on robot integrated applications. They develop a complete set of industrial robot intelligent production line solutions for customers according to their production needs, and there are no more than 50 related enterprises in Jiangmen City that can provide such services." Wang Jiansheng said that in recent years, there are also enterprises engaged in the R & D and production of complete machines and core components, such as Sichuan Science and technology, Yinxing robot, etc., leading the industry out of the unique industrialization path

Tongchuan technology is a subsidiary of deer Hanyu. Founded in 2012, it has been committed to the research and development of robot control system, servo drive and reducer, and its main business is independent research and development and sales of industrial robots. In 2004, Tongchuan technology began to investigate the design and processing technology related to harmonic reducer, involving the research and development of robot core components

this year, Tongchuan technology has carried out technological integration, modularized and lightweight the robot, and created a new generation product - TCR collaborative robot "Zhinv". According to the introduction, this series of cooperative robots have the function of graphical programming. Programmers on the production site can use tablet computers to carry out graphical programming. This function has strong error correction ability. All data can be modified by touching each instruction and parameter

Yinxing robot Co., Ltd., founded in 2017, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development and production of motion controlled bionic robots. It is reported that the latest model Me-1 of roborn, the robot brand of the company, uses a nine axis MEMS motion sensing chip and a self-developed data computing chip to manipulate the robot by combining the principles of three-dimensional dynamic control and balance with advanced mechanical design and cutting-edge electronic sensing technology. The controller can easily control every action of the robot through physical activities by wearing dynamic control equipment. Dynamic control bionic robot can be used in crisis management and industries involving dangerous operations. In addition, the loading capacity, appearance, size and materials of the robot can also be modified according to special requirements to meet the needs of different industries

in addition, ant robot, founded in 2016, developed an "integrated servo motor" as early as the year it was founded, and has independent intellectual property rights such as patents. It is understood that the company's "integrated servo motor" adopts an integrated design, which combines motor, servo drive and absolute encoder. It has the advantages of small size, fast response, convenient operation and low noise. At present, the technology has been mature and applied to the company's first generation ant robot products

b dilemma

enterprises lack funds and talents

according to the monitoring and evaluation report on the "eight initiatives" of innovation driven development in all cities (districts) in 2017, the number of new robot applications in Jiangmen City reached 1055 in 2017, with a year-on-year increase of 17.22%, of which Xinhui District has the largest number, reaching 264; Heshan has the fastest growth rate, with an increase of 23%

major enterprises in the city have made rapid development in the application of new robots, but many enterprises are still deterred. Wang Jiansheng said, "at present, the technology of industrial robots has been relatively mature, but many enterprises lack funds and talents, have no funds to buy industrial robots and transform production lines, and no employees in the enterprises know how to operate robots. These factors limit the application of robots in enterprises."

Wang Jiansheng believes that in the future, the capital problems of enterprises can be solved through robot leasing. "Robot service providers cooperate with enterprises in the form of leasing 4 Sichuan gonggaxue new materials Co., Ltd., a well-known domestic calcium carbonate production enterprise, to officially land on the new 3 board for listing and trading. After the enterprise uses robot production, the production cost saved will be shared. This will greatly alleviate the financial pressure of the enterprise, but the premise for the realization of this scheme is that large robot service providers should enter Jiangmen."

in terms of robot R & D and application talents, Nanfang Vocational College and Nanjing University Robot Co., Ltd. jointly established the "factory in school" in 2015. The school not only provided 4800 square meters of space and equipment worth 25million yuan for the free use of Nanjing University Robot Co., Ltd. In September 2017, Nanfang Vocational College opened a pilot class of modern apprenticeship system for industrial robots based on Nanjing University robot. In order to integrate the employment needs of enterprises into the talent training process, both schools and enterprises have jointly formulated a talent training plan for the pilot class, and NTU robot has deeply led the teaching design, curriculum, practice and training of this major

C in the future

introduce leading enterprises to drive industrial development

as a traditional manufacturing city in Guangdong, Jiangmen has a deep foundation in traditional manufacturing. In the future, with the further promotion of industrial interconnection, the transformation and upgrading of Jiangmen's traditional manufacturing industry will usher in a huge industrial robot application market. "At present, many enterprises have made automation improvements and become the application demonstration base of industrial robots. For example, the frame robot welding production line of an enterprise is the first in China. 30 robots coordinate to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs." Wang Jiansheng said

in 2015, Nantah robot moved from Shenzhen to Jiangmen, helping the transformation and upgrading of Jiangmen manufacturing industry. "We have identified the industrial robot application market in Jiangmen. The company has its own R & D team, and will further promote the technical R & D level of robots through cooperation with Wuyi University, southern vocational college, Wuhan University of technology and other universities." Said zhaoweixiong, manager of the administrative department of Nantah robot Co., Ltd

however, compared with advanced cities such as Guangzhou and Dongguan, the industrial robot industry foundation of Jiangmen is relatively weak. Zhao Weixiong said, "there are relatively few industrial robot enterprises in Jiangmen, and the surrounding parts and components are not perfect, which affects the production progress of robot products. In addition, Jiangmen lacks R & D talents, and the company has difficulties in recruiting engineers."

then, how should Jiangmen's industrial robot industry develop in the future? Wang Jiansheng believes that the first is through the establishment of industrial robot demonstration projects; Second, through the introduction of domestic leading robot enterprises. "Local industrial robot enterprises help upgrade traditional industries by establishing demonstration projects. In addition, the technology of domestic industrial robots has been very mature. Jiangmen can introduce large domestic industrial robot enterprises, so that these enterprises can play a leading role and drive the improvement of industrial robot production level in our city."

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