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Industrial robots have become the "new favorite" of the manufacturing industry.

recently, the unmanned factory of private enterprises in Guangdong has begun to be built, which has attracted social attention to the robot industry. The news that the made in China 2025 plan has been reviewed at the executive meeting of the State Council has brought significant development opportunities to the robot industry. In the sharp decline of the market this week, the smart machine sector rose sharply against the market, and companies such as Huali family, Sanfeng intelligent, CITIC Heavy Industry, Huazhong CNC, and smart Songde showed a beautiful scene of red in the green forest against the market

the robot industry has received policy support

the robot industry has been highly valued in China in recent years, and relevant supporting policies have been issued to promote the research and development of key core technologies and the industrial application of industrial robots. According to the policies issued by national ministries and commissions, as early as 2006, the 11th Five Year Plan for advanced manufacturing technology clearly put forward the focus on the research of intelligent robot technology, and in the subsequent years, a large number of industrial policies favorable for robots were issued, such as increasing the export tax rebate rate of industrial robot products from 14% to 17%, the 12th Five Year special plan for the development of service robot technology The notice on organizing and implementing the special project for the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment in 2013, especially Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report this year that it is necessary to implement made in China 2025 in the direction of high-end, differentiated and high value-added development, adhere to the concept of innovation driven, intelligent transformation, strengthening the foundation and green development, and accelerate the transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, It also clarifies the transformation of robot development to intelligence

wangliming, spokesman of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said on April 28 that the overall plan of made in China 2025 has been reviewed by the executive meeting of the State Council and will be released soon. According to the Ministry of industry and information technology, at present, six special actions have been launched, including replacing the corresponding jaw and guide sleeve (marked on the jaw and guide sleeve), industrial strength base, intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration, promoting the in-depth development of military civilian integration, industrial green development, broadband China 2015, and supporting small and micro enterprises, which means that the place of the made in China 2025 conference: the plan is gradually approaching

this plan is equivalent to an action guide for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry in the next 10 years, and its release will have a great impact on relevant enterprises. Relevant researchers said in an interview that the general trend of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry has become a global consensus. With the increasing completion of top-level design texts such as the outline for the development of China's manufacturing industry (2015~2025), many related industries, including intelligent manufacturing, have also defined the development path, and their market size should not be underestimated. The robot industry used to be at the starting point, but this year it will usher in an inflection point

industrial robots have become the new favorite of manufacturing industry

industrial robots are becoming the new favorite of manufacturing and other fields at the right time. The latest news shows that the first private unmanned factory in Dongguan, Guangdong Province has been put into construction, marking the new stage of the local machine replacement strategy. Industry insiders said that at present, China's population structure is entering the aging stage. The reduction of labor supply and the rise of costs have further compressed the profit space of industrial manufacturers. The construction of unmanned factories may alleviate the phenomenon of labor shortage. According to the relevant person in charge of China robot industry alliance, the sales of industrial robots in China totaled 56000 units last year, once again becoming the largest market in the world, and from the perspective of the average annual growth rate of the industry in the past five years, it has been close to 60%

in the application of industrial robots, experts pointed out that automotive industrial robots are the most widely used. In the future, with the progress of technology, robots will play an irreplaceable role in the military, fine surgery, dangerous operations and other fields. In fact, since Dongguan, Foshan and other cities in the Pearl River Delta successively released the strategic plan of machine replacement in 2014, under the subsidy incentive of special funds, the atmosphere of the transformation of physical manufacturing enterprises in these regions to industrial robot intelligent equipment has become increasingly strong. Many industry insiders believe that in the critical period of the transformation of manufacturing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta into China's intelligent manufacturing, the implementation of the machine replacement strategy of local governments has reassured enterprises and has important guiding significance. While the market demand has increased significantly, the made in China 2025 planning roadmap has surfaced, which will bring huge market opportunities for domestic robot enterprises to overtake on curves, and make the domestic robot industry usher in a golden period of rapid growth

due to the sustainable and high-speed growth of the demand of the robot industry, the corresponding investment opportunities will exist for a long time. Relevant researchers suggest investors to pay attention to five types of company opportunities: 1. Industry leading enterprises with first mover advantages in core technology and integrated applications, such as robots, Huichuan technology, etc; 2. Enterprises that are stepping up research and development and tackling core components, such as Shanghai Electromechanical; 3. Enterprises with good management or strong channels, such as Yawei shares, junlun shares, Jiashi technology, xinshida, Ruiling shares, etc; 4. Pan automated enterprises, such as central China CNC; 5. Companies with good transformation foundation, such as Cixing Co., Ltd

x+ robot mode is popular

it is noted that x+ robot mode has become the general trend of industry development, and at present, many A-share companies are involved in it. Such as the gorgeous family, after throwing out the fixed increase plan to raise 2.6 billion yuan on May 6, it was closed to the daily limit for three consecutive days. Huali family is a high-end real estate developer. Affected by the macro-control of real estate, since 2014, Huali family has adjusted its enterprise development strategy to a two wheel drive mode of technology + finance. The company has successively invested in near space vehicle projects, intelligent robot projects, etc. in this fixed increase plan, it is mentioned that 700million yuan of the raised funds will be used for intelligent robot projects; Xiehaibo, the Board Secretary of rapoo technology, said that the company has applied robots in a large number since 2010. In 2012, the company began to export management and operation experience and plant improvement experience, and then sold the company's robot integrated user services mainly to 3C customers in the Pearl River Delta. Since the company cut into UAVs, it has achieved small batch supply in March and is expected to achieve mass production in April. In the future, the company will increase investment in the robot field and vigorously build a good robot sector; Han's laser also said that expanding the robot business has been included in the company's long-term strategic plan. Du Yonggang, the company's secretary, revealed that the Han's laser robot industry currently has two major platforms, namely, the sheet metal equipment division and Han's motor. Among them, the sheet metal equipment division, which originally made laser cutting equipment, should have a sales revenue of about 1billion yuan last year. The second platform is Han electric. Last year, it provided Foxconn and apple with automation supporting equipment of about 300-400 million yuan, mainly precision robots for precision testing, which are mainly used in the electronic industry. This platform had a sales revenue of about 300-400 million yuan last year; The future development logic of smart Songde, which entered the robot field by acquiring Daewoo Jingdiao, is also the x+ robot mode. As a leading enterprise of gravure printing machinery in China, the prosperity of the trapped printing industry is declining. In order to find a breakthrough, in August 2014, smart Songde acquired 100% equity of Daewoo Jingdiao with a strategy of 980 million yuan. At present and in the future, the company said that its robot business will be positioned in the field of 3C or electronic industry

although Tong Genshu, an industrial robot, said that it is the mainstream of the development of the robot industry at present, Guotai Junan believes that there are great opportunities for service robots in the future. Although the development of service robots started late and has higher safety requirements than industrial robots, it has not yet entered daily life on a large scale. However, considering social progress and the aging population, domestic companies engaged in service robots are increasing, and the plate effect is forming day by day

specifically, among A-share listed companies, Kangli elevator acquired Ziguang Youlan, a service robot company. At present, its main product is u03 for early childhood education, and it is expected to launch u05 within this year, aiming to catch up with pepper; IFLYTEK has launched Xiaozhi and xiaorou with a number of core technologies, including voice wake-up, voice recognition and face recognition. The accuracy of face recognition exceeds 99%, surpassing Facebook; Superstar technology has established a robot subsidiary to clarify the development direction for service robots. At the same time, its domestic robots have a variety of core technologies such as self balancing, recognition and detection. The company plans to raise an additional 450million yuan for the intelligent service robot project of security and household cleaning

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