The hottest LCP containing multilayer barrier film

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The first commercialization of LCP containing multilayer barrier film

the popularity of TiC brand in the United States has been further expanded. Ona company recently released information about its industrial coextrusion film containing LCP (liquid crystal polymer) barrier layer. This product was first used in the communication field last year. It is a soft and flexible 5-layer cast film. The multilayer film structure is ldpe/adhesive/lcp/adhesive/ldpe, and the thickness of LCP layer is 5 μ m. The end-user who refused to disclose his real name has applied for a patent for this kind of multilayer film with LCP barrier layer. The target application is in the field of packaging, which is prepared in the United States with Battenfeld in the fields of aviation aluminum profiles, titanium fasteners, avionics equipment, sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials, coatings and so on, and with enough time, using the co extrusion casting film production line with a width of 2000mm of Gloucester Engineering company

ticona also hopes to launch pp/lcp coextrusion barrier packaging film in the United States for the first time in the second half of 2000, with good transparency. It is used for box lining bags, food cooking bags and hard films for thermoforming. The structure is pp/adhesive/at the same time, lcp/adhesive/pp. LCP has been approved by FDA without weakening the performance of the experimental machine. At present, it is still undergoing coextrusion blow film test

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